Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams, and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities.


Baltimore’s waterways have long been impacted by polluted stormwater runoff, trash, sewage, and toxic chemicals. This pollution not only harms our environment, it also threatens our residents’ health and the vitality of our local economy.


Blue Water Baltimore works with partners, residents, businesses and others to reduce harmful pollution and restore our waterways to health. From arts and education, to stormwater management projects, to legal and legislative advocacy, we bring together citizens and our public and private partners to accomplish more than any of us could do alone.

Dear Friends of Blue Water Baltimore

I’m amazed that another year has come and gone and at all the work Blue Water Baltimore has accomplished with our partners in 2018, including passage of a ban on expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam take-out containers in Baltimore City and completion of our largest stormwater management project yet, at MedStar Harbor Hospital!

Blue Water Baltimore also spent time in 2018 completing a new five-year strategic plan that will serve as our organizational “road map” for our work over the next five years. Approved by our board in late November, this strategic plan coalesces goals and activities around four main areas of focus:

  • demonstrating hands-on leadership by monitoring water quality and directly implementing solutions
  • advocating for leadership on water quality from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors
  • educating residents and stakeholders on the threats to our waterways and how they can help
  • strengthening our organization to fulfill its mission

What does all this mean? We will still be implementing high-quality, high-visibility restoration projects. We will strive to better engage volunteers, community members, and other stakeholders in this work, and use these projects to communicate about and advocate for related clean water needs. We will expand our outreach and education efforts to ensure that residents and community members understand how they can be part of the solutions needed to stop pollution from impacting the health of our shared waterways. And, we will work to strengthen our organization and empower our staff to be the best that we can be for years to come!

It is truly an exciting time to be a part of Blue Water Baltimore, and I hope you feel this excitement the next time you visit our Herring Run Nursery, or volunteer with us at a clean-up or a tree planting. There are many ways you can be a part of this clean water movement: become a member, increase your membership, or share our information with a friend or neighbor. Together we can accomplish much more than any of us can do alone – please join us!




Jenn Aiosa
Executive Director

Board of Directors

Kim Battista
Mia Blom*
Angus Burton
Holt Cheuk
Dawna Cobb*
Brian Dettmann
Frances H. Flanigan*
Mark M. Flanigan*  Treasurer
William Howard
Elisabeth Hyleck
Brian LaChapelle
Robin Leone*
Fiona Newton* Chair
Dan O’Leary
Matthew Peters
Jessica Pierre-Louis
Steven Ragsdale
Patricia Rienhoff
John Savage
Carlton Sexton
Kevin Shea* Vice Chair
Philip Spevak
James Stierhoff
David Weis

*Executive Committee members


Jenn Aiosa – Executive Director

Michel Anderson
Jill Cecil
Darin Crew
Jennifer Duffy
Zoe Gensheimer
Angela Haren
Jessie Hillman
Sarah Holter
Francine Housier
Robert Jenkins
Barbara Johnson
Mary Lewis
Johno Marra
Jeff Missouri
Corbin Sulton
Alice Volpitta
Robert Walker
Peter Weitzmann



A federal district court in Maryland recently ruled that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrongfully denied Blue Water Baltimore’s petition to regulate stormwater runoff from commercial, industrial, and institutional sites in the Back River watershed. Blue Water Baltimore and its allies took this fight against polluted stormwater discharges to court so that polluters who contribute to the runoff of contaminants into our waterways are made to clean up their own mess.

Along with co-plaintiffs Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and American Rivers, Blue Water Baltimore brought this lawsuit against EPA for failing to require industrial and commercial polluters in the Back River watershed to pay for the clean-up of harmful runoff from their properties.

Municipal and county governments currently bear the lion’s share of the responsibility for cleaning up stormwater pollution, and yet, a significant amount of that pollution comes from private commercial, industrial, and institutional sites. Because these sites contain extensive impervious areas, like parking lots and rooftops, they consistently discharge large quantities of polluted stormwater runoff into local rivers and streams. Under the federal Clean Water Act, if EPA determines that a category of stormwater discharge is contributing to water quality violations, the agency must require those dischargers to apply for permits. Those permits would then mandate actions to be taken to limit the amount of polluted runoff.

Blue Water Baltimore will continue to work with our partners to compel large property owners to clean up their own stormwater pollution, instead of placing the burden on local governments and taxpayers.

To learn more: bluewaterbaltimore.org/blog


One of our most popular ecoliteracy programs is the FOG Monster-Making Workshop. It’s designed to introduce Baltimore City school administrators and students to the Clean Drain Campaign, run by our partners Ridge to Reefs and the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. The campaign promotes protecting our streams and harbor from sewage and fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Cooking grease and wet wipes emptied into drains are a leading cause of sewer overflows and water pollution. Putting these items in the trash instead helps our waterways and can help you save money on plumber bills!


The One Water Partnership is a program led by Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, with technical support from Blue Water Baltimore, Interfaith Power and Light, and University of Maryland Extension Sea Grant. The purpose of the program is to unite an array of faith leaders and congregants in a connection to their watershed and in a mission to be better stewards of the earth. A menu of actions has been developed with the densely populated urban watershed in mind, and provides participants different avenues to get involved, regardless of the wealth or volunteer capacity of a congregation.

Early efforts with houses of worship include:

  • 39 congregations mobilized
  • over 770 volunteers engaged
  • 293 trees planted
  • 4,000 sq. ft. of native plantings installed
  • 850 pounds of trash removed
  • 3,205 gallons of rainwater harvested
  • 22,272 sq. ft. of impervious surfaces treated

Visit http://bluewaterbaltimore.org/learn/projects/blue-water-congregations for more information.


Last year, Herring Run Nursery, a program of Blue Water Baltimore, installed four educational waystation gardens to emphasize the important benefits of native plants and their many functions in the landscape. The gardens include an edible & medicinal garden, a meadow, a pollinator garden, and a rain garden. Visitors can stroll through the gardens and learn how to steward a healthy ecosystem in their own yards.

Financial Report


Blue Water Baltimore sincerely appreciates our valued donors for their contributions in 2018, including those who wish to remain anonymous and those who gave in-kind contributions.


Chesapeake Bay Trust
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Maryland Environmental Service
Rauch Foundation


Anonymous (4)
Abell Foundation
Baltimore City, Maryland
Baltimore Community Foundation
Baltimore County, Maryland
Bunting Family Foundation
Fidelity Charitable
Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment
Lockhart Vaughan Foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation


Anonymous (2)
AGM Financial Services
Jenn Aiosa and Rich O’Brien
Margaret Allen and Philip Perkins
American Bar Association
America’s Charities
Aveda Global Greengrants Fund
Martha Barss and Robert Poirier
Kim Battista
Mary Catherine Bunting
Angus and Dana Burton
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Ben Frederick Realty, Inc.
Best Management Products, Inc.
Biohabitats, Inc.
Brown Advisory
Cavano’s Perennials, Inc.
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
CityScape Engineering
Clayton Baker Trust
Dawna Cobb
Constellation, an Exelon Company
Beth Diehl
Brian and Kelly Dettmann
Domino Foods, Inc.
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.
Ecosystem Investment Partners, LLC
Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation, Inc.
Environmental Quality Resources LLC
ESD Associates

Fifth Generation, Inc.
Fran and John Flanigan
Mark Flanigan
Suzanne Forbes
Foundation for a Better Tomorrow
GreenVest, LLC
Edward Halle Jr.
William Howard
Bobby Johnson
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson
Brian and Iris LaChapelle
Benjamin and Clare Lentz
Robin Leone
Nick and Kelly Lindow
Dawn Loughborough
M&T Bank Charitable Foundation
Robert Macht
Jeannie and Thomas Maddux
Alex Maestretti
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
McAllister Towing of Baltimore
Meredith McDonagh
Merrill Lynch – The Frank, Finney, Mohler & Browne Group
MOM’s Organic Market
Margaret Moon
National Philanthropic Trust
Fiona Newton and Eric Johnson
Lisa Nguyen and Garrett Schiele
Dan and Cynthia O’Leary
P. Flanigan and Sons

Partnership Wealth Management
Alan Penczek
Daniel Petrus
Bruce and Helen Phillips
Wally and Jillian Pinkard
Ports America Chesapeake
Red Hawk LLC
Patricia and Stuart Rienhoff
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
John and Sarah Savage
Schmitt Sohne
Carlton and Betsy Sexton
Kevin and Jennifer Shea
SMC – Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting
Joel Spano and Olivia Zug
Phillip and Melissa Spevak
Straughan Environmental, Inc.
T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Stephen Tillinghast
Shannon Downey Turpin
Tour Dem Parks, Hon! Inc.
David and Laura Urban
W.R. Grace Foundation, Inc.
Wakefern Food Corporation
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.
Chelsea Weinstein
Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra
Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund


Anonymous ( 32)
Ellen and Jim Adajian
Mary and Peter Agre
Amazon Smile
American Endowment Foundation
Andrea Appleton
Susan and Lawrence Artes
Association of Maryland Pilots
Avocet Home Inspections LLC
Babikow Greenhouses
Baltimore Chapter – American Institute of Architects
Baltimore Port Alliance
Baltimore T’ai Chi, LLC
Michael Barberio
Eugene Baron and Elizabeth Cadwalader
David Berman
Dawn Beveridge
Brian and Sara Block
Charles and Lisa Boswell
Cathy Brill and Louis Carlat
Erick Brock
Sandra Brushart
Andrew Busch
C. Steinweg Inc.
Danielle Chou
Clear Ridge Nursery
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Jason and Nicole Copeland
Christine Corbitt
Pat Crossland-Smith
Barry and Jane Daly
Lewis Diuguid
Martha Donovan and Richard Williams
EcoLogix Group, Inc.
Ecotone, Inc.
Gregory and Marni Emerson
Exelon Foundation
Paul Ferraro and Kristin Rowles
Bruce and Lisa Field
Jane Gehring
Rebecca Geraldi
William Glass

Greater Grace World Outreach Church
Green Spring Valley Garden Club
Alan Harnik
Polly Heninger
Kim and Judy Hodgson
HUB International Mid-Atlantic
Elisabeth and Matthew Hyleck
Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund
Joe Squared, LLC
Andrew and Jennifer Keir
Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc.
Robert and Townsend Kent
Kent Family Foundation
Mary Jo Kirschman and Steve Luyenberg
Hannah Koenker and Joshua Ratner
David and Rebecca Leege
Tony Lehman
Kate Lewis
Terry Lierman
M&T Bank
David Macfarlane
Carolyn Machamer
Patrick Mallon
Andrew and Jennifer Mammen
Margaret O. Cromwell Family Fund
Lesley Matthews
Beth McNamara
Max Realty
Brian Megali
Jim Michael
Catherine Miller
Elizabeth and James Miller
Magda and Mark Mobley
Kim and Will Morton
Peter Murakami
Cassandra Naylor
Niles, Barton & Wilmer, LLP
Erik Nilson
Notes & Queries
Charles and Margaret Obrecht
Oliver Family Law
Ben Peeters

Marshall Perrin
Matthew Peters
Joann Pettinicchio
Samuel Philipp
Jessica Pierre-Louis
Pledgeling Foundation
Jacob Pomerantz
Steven Ragsdale
Brian Rappaport
Diane and Richard Roca
Tobey Roland
Stephen Rudow
Jacqueline Sasser
Daniel Schlozman
Regina Schneider
Schott Nurseries Inc.
Sharon and Thomas Schueler
Seawall Development
Gregory Sell
Virginia Seyler
Barbara and James Shea
Christopher and Jane Shipley
Barrie Siemek
Charles and Megan Skinner
Amy Stump and Erik Sorensen
James and Maisy Stierhoff
Lee Stierhoff
St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc.
Donald Suica
Summit Global Ventures
Jane Sundius
The Charles F. and Margaret M.H. Obrecht Family Foundation Inc.
The Hatcher Group
Uptown Press
Diane Waite
Gay Warshaw
David and Laurence Weis
Whitney Bailey Cox and Magnani, LLC
Anne Yastremski
Eric Young
Dora Zimmerman

Up to $250

Donor Anonymous (45)
Mark Adia
Shoshana Agus-Kleinman
Anayezuka Ahidiana
Alex and Ani
David and Laura Alima
Gary Anderson
Jack and Phyllis Anderson
Marie Anderson
Ruth and George Aranow
Alex Arguello and Alice Volpitta
John Arledge
Susan Avjian
Azriel Real Estate
B. Willow
Valerie, Mike and Brooke Baader
Joal Barbehenn
Curtis Barger and Bobbi Ponce-Barger
Rachel Bargeron
Amy Barlow
Richard and Kimberly Barnes
Brendan Basmajian
Kevin Bass
Bass Design LLC
Ted Bauer
Kathryn Baummer
Kimberly Beard
Karen Beasley
David Belew
Patrick Bell
Christopher Bellmyer
David Benack
Brian and Erin Bennett
Catherine Bentsen
Caroline Bibb
Bev Bickel
Paul Binder
E. True Binford
Reg Blackburn
Jean and William Blair
Carole Blake
Mia Blom
Montague Blount
Bradley Boban
Kate Bohanan
Carolyn and John Boitnott
Mark and Jennifer Bolster
Mark Borak
John Boronow and Adrienne Kols
David Bosser
Roberta Bowling
John and Audrey Bowman
Arthur Boyd and Margaret Boyd Meyer
Cassandra Boykin
Jack Boyson
Stacy Branham
Austin Braswell
Peggy Brennecke and Mark Hyman
Angie Brickhouse and Troy Robinson
Monica Broere
Carl Brooks Jr.
Robert W. and Karen Brown
Lynne Brown
Robert Brown
Elizabeth Buckman
Susan Buhrow
Patricia Bullington
Bill and Judith Burch
Holly Burch
Lynda Burton
Butchers Hill Workshop
Bill and Pamela Cady
Kathleen and Gregory Carmean
Beth and Thomas Casey
Dana Casparriello
Neil Castine
Rebecca Castle
Ingrid and Samantha Castronovo
Jill and Jon Cecil
Karen, Ted, and Rose Chadeayne
David and Elizabeth Champney
Suzanne Chapelle
Bambi Chapin
David Chapin
Julie Chavez
Martha Clark
Samantha Clarque
Adrean Clawson
Bill Cline
Kim Coble
Abby Cocke
Judith Coleman Kinebrew
Sarah Collins
Gregory Conderacci
Paul Converse
David Costello
Doris Cowan
Melanie Crawford
Susie Creamer
Barbara Cross
Mary Ellen Crowley
Amanda and Stephen Cunningham
Paul and Sandra Dagdigian
Gislin Dagnelie and Brenda Rapp
Kelly Daly
Dara Davis
Denise Davis
Nancy Davis
Evan Dawley
Katie Deal
Gabrielle Dean and Tim Teigen
Ginny Deardorff
Leslie Deickman
Corey Dell
Christopher Denbleyker
Erica Denner
Barbara Dent
Daniel Dewberry
Michael Di Milo
Amanda Dice
Lynn and Lawrence Dickens
Tina Dickenson
Dickeyville Garden Club
Jonathan DiMartino
Laurie Dietrich
Erik Dihle
Michael Dillon
Nancy Dodson Sacci and John Sacci
Charles Dorsey
Margo Downing
Carserlo and Irma Doyle
Matthew Drain
Paula Dube
Jennifer and Kenny Duffy
Teresa Dutton
Marcia and Robert Dysart
Kathleen and Todd Elliott
Bill England
Margaret Engvall
Jaz Erenberg
Barbara Ewing
Kelly Fagan
Donna and Ronald Fallon
Patricia Fanning
Jeannette Fanning
Farm to Charm LLC
Janet Felsten and Andy Lemer
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David Fetter
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Marcia Glass-Siegel

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About Blue Water Baltimore

Clean water. Strong communities. Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy and thriving communities.

For too long, Baltimore’s waterways have been plagued by trash, toxins, sewage, and polluted stormwater. These problems do more than harm our environment; they threaten the health and well-being of our residents, communities, and local businesses. We work to change this.

Contact Info

Blue Water Baltimore
2631 Sisson St.
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